10 Future Trends for Meetings, Life and Work

Eye-opening insights from risk-management expert Bruce McIndoe.

What does the future hold for our business and personal lives? Risk-management expert Bruce McIndoe, president of McIndoe Risk Advisory, LLC,  tackles that topic in this enlightening discussion with Northstar’s Loren Edelstein.

mcindoe-future-2341From weather disasters to robotic companions, here’s what to expect in the years ahead.

Why meeting planners should anticipate more frequent and intense weather events (1:20)

How hybrid events provide a number of benefits, among them a good resiliency strategy (5:00)

Why human resources should be collaborating with meeting and event planners (7:00)

The growing need for internal meetings as more organizations have remote workforces (9:20)

Strategies for recognizing and supporting employees with mental health issues (11:20)

Where and when robots will replace humans in the hospitality industry (15:20)

How automation will solve the problem of staff shortages (18:05)

When to expect flying taxis and personal drones to be in wide use (21:20)

How education will be geared toward gig workers vs. career professionals (22:20)

The role of companion robots that will support humanoid units (23:50)

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