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First Look Research: Identifying the Ideal Convention Center

How will planner preferences and peeves of the present help to define the facility of the future?

First Look Reserach Convention Centers

Just what do planners value most in a convention center, and how might the facilities of the future work to meet that ideal? In research conducted and analyzed by Northstar Meetings Group, planners expressed both preferences and peeves on a wide variety of topics — the facilities themselves, the services provided, the surrounding environment and even the contracting process. We wanted to know what aspects matter most when it comes to site selection and the overall meeting experience.

While this data was gathered before the pandemic struck, the core preferences expressed cannot be overlooked.  U.S. convention centers may not be hosting large events at the moment, but this is an opportune time to take a deeper dive into what show organizers value. As the exhibitions industry reignites interest in the type of large-scale marketing events that will put the country back in business, planners will be seeking the ideal facilities to work with — and the best venues to draw attendees back for the high-quality experiences they've come to expect.

Download the full First Look Research Report to see which features, technology, neighborhoods and F&B options matter most to planners now, and what we should expect in the future.