Planning a Wellness-Minded Meeting

How to keep attendees healthy and engaged at meetings.

Planning a Wellness-Minded Meeting

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Recent studies have revealed that while life expectancy is higher than ever, chronic physical and mental issues are also on the rise. Add to that an ever-increasing number of employees experiencing burnout and you’ve got a workforce in need of a good dose of physical and emotional well-being.

With these factors in mind, many meeting professionals concerned with their attendees getting the most out of a program or event are recognizing the need to incorporate wellness-minded activities and elements that speak to these issues. This guide provides a host of creative ideas designed to increase engagement and productivity by supporting the emotional and physical health of each participant.

Valuable ways to create an effective, wellness-minded environment can include:

  • Impactful room design 
  • Partnering with mental health professionals
  • Healthy food options, and so much more!

Download this guide to discover unique and cost-effective ways to plan a wellness-centric program that will bolster the overall good health of meeting attendees and your bottom line.