Taking Action on Diversity

Meetings and travel industry leaders have undertaken new initiatives to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion. Here’s how to initiate and measure your progress.

Taking Action on Diversity

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In the past two years, spurred in part by political and social unrest, a fast-growing number of organizations established diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Now, as the meetings and hospitality industry regains its strength, we should be acting on those good intentions.

Use this informative guide to learn about:

  • Who’s making industry DEI progress 
  • How to begin a DEI initiative
  • How to diversify your organization and meeting agendas
  • The ways language promotes inclusivity — and a glossary of terms to know
  • Sources for guidance in providing access to people with disabilities

Download this guide for in-depth DEI insights, industry sources and creative suggestions to help your events become a model for diversity.