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What's Trending This Week With #EventProfs

From robots to food truck parks, here's what's happening in the #EventProf world. 


How do you consume news these days? How do you get connected with top meetings industry pros? If you answered "social media" to all of these questions, you're catching our drift. 

Each day, we use outlets like LinkedIn and Twitter to channel what meeting planners are talking about, what's trending in the field and to foresee what's coming next. In an effort to keep you in the know, too, we like to lasso up the info and pass it along to you. 

Following are a few of the topics trending in the #EventProfs world this week. 

10 #EventProfs Posts Trending Across Social Media

1. Getting Techy With It

This week Northstar Meetings Group ran into Pepper, part of the Nox Robot collection at IMEX Frankfurt in Germany. As the world’s first humanoid robot, Pepper is able to recognize emotions and offer individualized communications and interactions.

2. Individualizing the Message

Frank M. Waechter on LinkedIn: "#ThursdayThoughts | "Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time." - Ann Handley (@annhandley) . Have an awesome Thursday! 😃 #business #marketing #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #eventprofs #meetingprofs"

May 16, 2019: Frank M. Waechter posted images on LinkedIn

These words of wisdom remind us that, even when we are speaking to the masses, each individual is receiving our message in their own way. How will you make a difference to that one listener?

3. Embracing Creativity

The real question is, would you rather be in a cocoon or a beehive?

4. A Little Taste of Utah

Erin Scott on LinkedIn: "Our first round of goodies in our Try Utah Valley Box just went out to Meeting Planners and Clients. We love supporting our local businesses and sharing what we love about Utah Valley. - - - If you're a meeting planner that is interested in receiving a future box, please comment below and I will reach out directly 😊 #meetinutahvalley #exploreutahvalley #meetingplanners #eventprofs #meetingprofs"

May 21, 2019: Erin Scott posted images on LinkedIn

It's nice to open a box to smell the Utah Valley and imagine the sunshine. Even more fun is the fact that this "experience box" is filled with goodies from local purveyors.

5. The Focal Point

"A lot of people are trying to cram as much video as they can into their event... and the user experience here is the key proponent," says Jon Chavez of Elite Multimedia Productions.

6. The Truth About Human Trafficking

David Blansfield on LinkedIn: "There are simple steps we all can take to help in the fight against human trafficking. #meetingsindustry #humantrafficking #eventprofs #meetingprofs"

May 12, 2019: David Blansfield posted an article on LinkedIn

In this eye-opening piece, Northstar Meetings Group unveils the truth about human trafficking, its prevalence in the hospitality industry and what we all can do to combat the epidemic.

7. Mid-Week (and Mid-Year) Inspiration

Let the rest of the year mark the time we all build on our empires, foundations and futures.

8. A Monumental Renovation

Six years of renovations. Six years. That's all about to come to a head on June 1, when the Langley, a former hunting lodge of the third Duke of Marlborough, opens its doors in Buckinghamshire, England.

9. The Email Equation

Do your emails rarely get answered? Maybe you need a new approach.

10. A Peek Into the IMEX Setup

Frank M. Waechter on LinkedIn: "🚀This is true #delegate #experience: Turning the registration area inside a standard exhibition hall into a cosy 'plaza' including live-music 🎶, ping-pong 🏓, food-trucks 🍝 and a green space and more. IMEX makes it possible at #imex19 in Franfurt. 👏👏👏 #eventprofs #meetingprofs #ux #conferencedesign"

May 22, 2019: Frank M. Waechter posted on LinkedIn

Live music, a food truck park and colors galore -- IMEX 19, taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, this week, really set the bar high for welcoming its guests in style.