VIDEO: Meet Geoff Freeman, U.S. Travel’s New CEO

The new leader is on a mission to make travel and meetings indispensable.

This month Geoff Freeman began his new role as president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. He replaces Roger Dow, who has stepped down after 17 years in the position.

This is a welcome back for Freeman, who was senior vice president of U.S. Travel from 2006 to 2011, then COO through May 2013. Nearly a decade of association leadership followed, including serving as CEO of the American Gaming Association and most recently the Consumer Brands Association.

“When you look at the price this industry paid during the pandemic, the challenges that we now confront are off the charts,” says Freeman. Advocacy is the foundation of U.S Travel’s value to the industry, he says, but the goal is to increase that value proposition.

For now, Freeman is talking to industry leaders and asking a lot of questions. Among them: “How do we build a couple of stories on that foundation that make the association indispensable? What can we do in terms of education? What can we do in terms of research, information sharing and networking that is invaluable to the industry? What can we do in terms of solving problems in the marketplace?”

Listen as Freeman talks with Northstar’s vice president and content director, Loren Edelstein, about these objectives and his initial plans for achieving them.