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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Ahead of the Curve for Today's Meetings and Events


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has always felt rather ahead of the curve: Sophisticatedly high-tech and strikingly stylized, it’s been future minded from the first day it opened its doors. The result: “The energy of The Cosmopolitan brand is one-of-a-kind,” says Csilla Kittlinger, senior account executive. “It is an appealing feature for exhibitors and sponsors who are looking to align their programs with us.”

More than ever, that energy is a resource well worth tapping. “As businesses evaluate their future in hosting meetings, they are looking to jump start audience and member engagement in a safe way,” she continues. “In-person events with a partner like The Cosmopolitan will play a critical role in that.” 



The Digital Do-It-Aller

Rose, The Cosmopolitan’s cutting-edge concierge, has been catering to today’s changed times before times even changed. Rose is quick, clever and contact-free: a sassy smart-bot that can be summoned from every attendee’s smart phone (even before they arrive on property). 

Rose can do so many things: Make restaurant reservations, arrange for a late check-out, or see that extra toothpaste and towels get delivered to a room. She can even lead a tour of The Cosmopolitan’s amazingly curated art collection.

There’s no need for in-person interactions with Rose at the ready: Her service is safe, seamless—and perfectly suited to the now. 

In the Great Room

Present times call for changes in protocol—and that may mean asking attendees to teleconference in for some of the business sessions on the agenda. Planners will have no reservations asking them to do it after they see the chic guest quarters at The Cosmopolitan, which feel almost custom-built for today’s WFH (Working from… Here) culture.

Not only are they larger than Las Vegas’ average overnight abodes, but The Cosmopolitan’s guest rooms also have dedicated seating areas that can double as comfortable private workspaces. Most rooms on property have their own terraces, too. No room at The Cosmopolitan is “standard”, per se—but upgrade options abound, including the two-story Lanai Suites, which have a sophisticated seaside feel and even come with private outdoor plunge pools.

Space and Style

When it is time for groups to get together, The Cosmopolitan’s special event venues will make attendees feel as though they’ve been whisked away to new whereabouts. That’s especially true at The Chelsea, a bi-level venue on property that is one of Las Vegas’ most avante-garde and adaptable spaces: Its “abandoned glass factory–meets–theater space” design is industrial and glamorous all at once—conjuring up the same vogueish vibes as Paris’ Olympia, London’s Apollo and Prague’s Estate Theaters. 

In so many ways, this is a planner’s dream space: The Chelsea is not only on trend, but also completely transformable, tech-forward and turn-key. Plus, with 40,000 square feet of space, it affords plenty of space for groups to socialize safely, even while paying mind to social distancing guidelines.

Socializing isn’t all that The Chelsea works well for—but with built-in bars and loungy seating, it does stage modish meet-and-greets with near perfection. It also accommodates sporting events with aplomb, and—with features like private opera boxes—The Chelsea is an ultra-cool space for keynote speeches, presentations, and award programs, too.

A Little Luster
Want everyone in a group to feel very VIP? Book a gathering at The Chandelier 1.5, a private and exclusive lounge space within The Chandelier Bar at large. In its architectural bravura and effervescent ambiance, this private and exclusive space is, simply, awe-inducing: 1.5 is enclosed by iridescent beaded curtains and seemingly suspended in mid air.

The cocktails created by The Chandelier’s mixologists, including a gorgeous color-changing libation inspired by the Alice in Wonderland tale, are not only worthy of such special surrounds—but also make for magical toasts amongst colleagues. Want to spoil attendees even more? Arrange for a group lesson on how they can create those signature cocktails at home, or stock a bar that beckons experimentation on their own.

Something to Savor
Here’s a challenge: Find a hotel whose on-site culinary collection is more conceptually driven than that of The Cosmopolitan. Every single F&B outlet here, from those designed for quick grab-and-go to the dazzling restaurants of superstar chefs like David Chang and Jose Andres, has been curated to create an epic on-site epicurean experience.

Private group bookings that feed mouths and minds alike can be had at almost all of them, including a few that will take attendees by surprise. To get to the exquisite dining haven that is Beauty & Essex, they must find the hidden entrance behind a beguiling pawn shop storefront. Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails is a throwback to Prohibition-era polish that somehow still feels at the forefront of style. And in its spontaneous delivery of live entertainment, Rose.Rabbit.Lie. is a restaurant that almost defies description.