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Madrid: The City Where Meetings Come to Life

Light, energy, a zest for living. These are the hallmarks of Madrid, a city that buzzes with life. You can feel it everywhere: its streets, its parks, its culture, its gastronomy ... and in professional meetings, which turn into one-of-a-kind experiences in Madrid.


Revel in the Madrid's Streets

To start off your working day, get a feel for the city by exploring its streets and soaking up the sight of its buildings and monuments. Walking around Madrid is like strolling through an outdoor museum. The area of Paseo del Prado and El Retiro Park was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers an endless range of historic and cultural institutions. Some of them, like the Prado Museum and Royal Botanical Gardens, will make your corporate event an unforgettable meeting. 

Madrid has countless terrazas (outdoor cafés), and terrace. Moving from terraza to terraza is both a popular pastime and a term that captures the social character of the Madrileños and their love of sharing tables and laughter in the open air. And why not? Dinner with colleagues is much better in the rooftop restaurant of a trendy hotel. 

From any of these rooftops, you’ll see russet-colored buildings with reddish roofs that seem to buzz with their own special energy. And if you look up at the sky, an amazing shade of blue straight out of one of Velázquez's paintings, you’ll realize that the city’s vibe has already got you hooked.


Spanish Gastronomy Over a Slow Flame

Some of Madrid’s most authentic experiences involve gastronomy. From tapas to gourmet experiences in avant-garde spaces, Madrid serves up unforgettable memories of your visit. Rest easy with our catering companies, which embrace concepts like sustainability, seasonal ingredients, kilometer Zero and special diets. They’ve got it covered.


Emotions Made of Music, Light & Color

By now, you’ll already be captivated by the vibrant energy Madrid exudes, but it still has some surprises in store. There are as many versions of the Spanish capital as there are restless visitors eager to be surprised. You’ll find incredible event venues, hotels to delight the most demanding traveler, itineraries full of stories and mysteries, artisans who will share their knowledge with your group, rooftop bars and restaurants with 360° views, avant-garde restaurants and, first and foremost, an endless supply of one-of-a-kind experiences. Without a doubt, meetings in Madrid are something else. Here, meetings come to life.

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