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Guns and Meetings (Podcast)

In light of continued mass shootings, planners must grapple with tough questions around guns and business gatherings.

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This week, guns again commanded headlines as a pair of mass shootings took place in Texas and Ohio within a matter of hours, resulting in the deaths of more than 30 people. But even as details continue to emerge about the victims and the killers, attention inevitably is focusing on the stubbornly knotty issues related to the policy and politics around firearms. 

Questions about who should have access to guns, where they should be able to bring them, and how best to protect oneself and others from shooters affect every person living in the U.S. But they also present particular challenges to the hospitality industry and planners of business events, who must navigate a complex web of interests and emotions, working to ensure security and safety while obeying federal and state laws around gun possession.

In this episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, we look at some of these issues that planners should consider. Northstar Meetings Group contributing editor Barbara Peterson discusses her recent high-profile story on the topic of guns and meetings, addressing such issues as:

  • Why major hotel chains and airlines tend to keep quiet on questions related to guns;
  • Why one of the biggest gatherings of gun owners prohibits attendees from bringing their personal firearms to the event;
  • What steps planners should take to ensure their attendees are as protected as possible from threats of active shooters, and 
  • How laws differing from one state to another and the rules of individual hotels can create confusion around what is and is not allowed regarding firearms.

Recorded prior to the latest string of mass killings, this episode nonetheless offers timely and useful information for planners concerned about guns and meetings.

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