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New Ways to Incorporate Wellness Into Events

A planner's guide to creating healthier experiences for their attendees.

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3 Smart Ways to Incorporate Wellness Into Meetings & Events Guide Cover

Many Americans have a desire to focus on wellness in their lives. A recent study of meeting planners found that a whopping 97 percent said they were personally enthusiastic about wellness, and nearly 75 percent said it was a “critical focus” for their clients. This guide addresses a range of wellness topics, all intended to help your group find a balance that empowers them to perform their best.
While wellness is top of mind with planners, what exactly does it include? And with all that wellness encompasses, where does a planner start? This guide has helpful tips on food selection, beverage options, and activity (and break) options, along with a wealth of other advice. It features a checklist to give planners a blueprint for creating the ideal wellness event.
You’ll also learn about Westin Hotels & Resorts’ range of wellness offerings that empower your team to make the most of every meeting. You’ll find focus-enhancing foods on their new Eat Well Menu catered to fuel your team, Bright Breaks such as mid-morning stretches that lead to brighter ideas and so much more. Explore this guide and see all they have to offer.