Northstar/Cvent Meetings Industry PULSE Survey

Planners are busier than ever, reporting an unprecedented level of activity expected over the near-term. But new challenges are apparent, none more so than rising costs. How are meeting and event organizers – and the suppliers who support them – responding?

Northstar/Cvent Meetings Industry PULSE Survey
June 2022

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Meetings industry recovery is in full swing, but stresses and strains are evident. With inflation in the US at a 40-year high, most planners have never experienced the challenges inherent in budgeting and planning in such an unstable – and unpredictable – environment. How are they handling it? What are event owners expecting from them? And although Covid is not nearly as top-of-mind as it used to be in the US and around-the-world, with cases up since March, when the last PULSE Survey was compiled, are planners and event owners reconsidering their events and the protocols they're requiring for them?

Among the key data points from this current cycle:

  • The cost increases planners are facing – from airfares to audio/visual.
  • Shifting priorities in an unpredictable business environment.
  • The latest protocols for health and safety.
  • Planner perceptions of their current supplier relationships.

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