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Blackhawk Engagement Solutions Launched

Blackhawk Network debuted the new program, leveraging its recent acquisitions of parago, InteliSpend, CardLab, and Incentec Solutions

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Blackhawk Network is expanding the rewards available to its customers, employees, and clients with the launch of its new Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, the company announced on Jan. 27. The new program leverages the Pleasanton, CA-based company's recent acquisitions of incentive providers parago, InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions, CardLab, and Incentec Solutions to provide a more expansive rewards platform.

The offerings of Blackhawk Engagement Solutions include rebates, awareness campaigns, acquisition/purchase promotions, retention/loyalty incentives, win-back promotions, rewards and recognition programs, partner relationship management, and channel marketing, among other programs.

"With this change, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions is a one-stop provider for consumer, employee and sales channel incentives, and engagement," Juli Spottiswood, senior vice president and general manager of Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, told Incentive. "There is no other player in the market that we know of that has this breadth of engagement programs and rewards across the three verticals."

She emphasized that by covering the consumer, employee, and sales channels, the solution can "help our clients streamline their points of contact" and provide a greater variety of rewards and better economies of scale. By way of example, Spottiswood pointed to a company that might work with a couple providers for each of these three main channels, requiring additional work coordinating the various programs and vendors.

"By bundling these services and our extensive rewards portfolio as Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, we believe you will save time, increase efficiencies and get greater selection," she said.

Spottiswood added that the company's acquisitions have put pieces in place to provide a comprehensive reward platform.

"By bringing together our portfolio of incentives and innovative payment rewards (both physical and digital into one business unit, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, we better align our broad capabilities to provide a unique opportunity to our clients and potential clients," she said. "[It is] a natural expansion for the company to deliver rewards and gifts beyond the retail environment, in places where consumers, employees and business partners want to be incentivized."