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Tanner Labs Debuts New Recognition App

Gratzi encourages peer-to-peer recognition through use of digital gift cards.

Gratzi App

Last month, Tanner Labs, the research and development arm of O.C. Tanner debuted Gratzi, a new employee recognition platform that allows organizations to encourage recognition at all levels through peer-to-peer and leader-to-team thanking.

The free app enables employees to thank and recognize each other with ease. Once employees download the app, a single administrator can set a monthly budget for total spend and can assign award privileges to participating employees of all levels through digital gift cards that range from $25 to $500 each. 

"Immediate and peer-to-peer recognition can significantly boost morale and productivity in teams," said Nate Walkingshaw, vice president of Tanner Labs. "Gratzi is fundamentally different than top-down recognition programs in that it encourages positive communication and thanking between people at all levels of a company. It removes the hierarchy, and focuses solely on the appreciation of great work."

Gratzi says it offers a "Never-Go-Over-Your-Budget-Guarantee" by allowing a monthly cap for gift card expenditures. A monthly report accounts for all the expenditures to highlight where the resources are going and to help incentive program and human resources managers identify which skills and tasks are being rewarded. 

The app can also be used without gift cards. Gratzi is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Digital gift cards are available from such brands as Starbucks, Home Depot, Walmart, REI, Nike, and Sephora. While the Gratzi App is free, digital gift cards have a transaction fee.

Walkingshaw continued, "Gratzi is easy, fun and convenient. If you can download an app you can instantly have a recognition program. Gratzi fosters a culture of accomplishment and helps people feel appreciated for doing great work. A simple thanks from a co-worker goes a long way and Gratzi makes showing love easy and rewarding."