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Recognition Firm Michael C. Fina Gets a New Name

HALO Recognition is the new name of the 50-year-old employee engagement company

Employee engagement firm Michael C. Fina Recognition is changing its name in the wake of its acquisition earlier this year.

The 50-year-old employee engagement and recognition firm was purchased by HALO Branded Solutions, one of the largest promotional products companies, in February. Fina will now be known as HALO Recognition. The management team, its New York offices, as daily operations will remain the same, the company said. 

The website will now redirect to halorecognition.com

"As HALO Recognition, we've changed our name but the DNA remains the same -- we are still committed to creating memorable experiences and celebrating employee success," said Jeffrey Fina, chief customer officer of HALO Recognition. "This new chapter opens up new capabilities, expertise and possibilities for our customers."

What won't change, the company said, is its expertise in creating, managing, and providing technology for recognition and reward programs that support best practices -- including the use of consumer-brand products as awards.

That includes providing "our valued recognition and branded merchandise clients with a single point of expertise," said Marc Simon, CEO of HALO. "The HALO Recognition rebranding will provide clarity and consistency to our client base as we expand our combined offering."

Fina's acquisition by one of the largest promotional products companies was one of the first major signs that incentive providers' two-decade-long goal of breaking into the much larger promotional products distribution channel is working. As Incentive noted this summer, all of those promotional products salespeople have relationships with client companies that could be a foot in the door for providers of recognition and rewards programs.

In fact, a soon-to-be-released survey by Incentive's sister publication, Successful Meetings, looked at the use of both consumer-brand merchandise and promotional products at events. The "Event Merchandise Usage Trends" survey found that nearly 54 percent of the respondents purchased products from promotional products suppliers.



Photo: From left, Marc Simon, Michael Fina, and Jeffrey Fina.