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New Hinda Loyalty Group Announced

Hinda Incentives is deepening its consumer loyalty division

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Hinda Incentives is deepening its consumer loyalty division. The Chicago-based incentive house announced on Oct. 15 that it had created Hinda Loyalty Group, an offering that will work with brands to engage and strengthen their connections to consumers. 

Drawing on current research and industry best-practices, the program will specialize in generating specific behaviors from consumers, such as enticing them to initially join a loyalty program, creating or enhancing customer referral programs, fostering communities within a client's customer base, and increasing customer value. Hinda Loyalty Group will use the organization's Value Chain Partner network to design and deliver these reward offerings, tracking ROI and other metrics.

The program was introduced at the annual COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit, held at Lansdowne Resort in Washington, D.C.

"Hinda Loyalty Group leverages our demonstrated expertise, along with our world-class fulfillment and customer service operations, with the specific competencies of our value chain partners to deliver flexible, meaningful and engaging loyalty program reward solutions," said Hinda President Mike Donnelly, in a statement.

The program will provide clients with reward and campaign infrastructure that allows for engaging customers across a number of touchpoints. The offerings help clients to incorporate demographic and other attributes to help further target their campaigns and further drive loyalty. Hinda also aims for the program to both address the needs of the customer (from making a purchase to earning points) with the needs of the loyalty program administrator (gaining the most value from new and existing customers and reaching other business goals).

"Our services are complemented with expertise in a variety of areas which are valuable to loyalty program managers, including rewards strategy consulting, data analytics, custom branded packing services and one-to-one marketing communications," added Donnelly. "We are excited to introduce this new facet of our growing business and share the future of engaging rewards."