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Dittman Incentives Introduces Spin and Win Recognition

The on-the-spot recognition platform aims to encourage more immediate rewards.


As  instant feedback becomes a growing priority in the design of incentive programs, Dittman Incentive Marketing recently announced the launch of a new game-based software program aimed at allowing managers to motivate workers with immediate rewards. Called Spin and Win Rewards, the platform is meant to be used to spontaneously recognize an individual for a strong performance or going beyond their basic duties. 

A manager who is impressed with the performance of a worker can give him or her a Spin and Win code. The employee can then log into the platform and enter the code where a game wheel spins and the player is awarded a prize with a value of as much as $250 (or a lower maximum depending on the budget limits set by the client). 

While spot rewards have been a staple of many incentive programs, the added gamification to Spin and Win is key to the platform's motivational power for today's workforce, according to Dittman's senior director of marketing and technology, Steve Cummins.

"Games are an increasingly ubiquitous element in everyday life; spare moments are often spent playing Words with Friends or Candy Crush," Cummins told Incentive. "Adding a gamification element to a standard spot award creates a higher level of excitement through anticipation of the award, and makes the event more memorable to the recipient."

Added to this, Cummins points to the fact that instant gratification is in greater demand now than perhaps ever.

"With the widespread use of social media and the 'always-on' mode of smartphones, there is now a heightened expectation of instant recognition," he said. "On-the-spot rewards allow managers and peers to act in-the-moment, and make the reward more impactful."

The new offering can be incorporated into the rest of Dittman Incentive Marketing's suite of reward and recognition products - including TotalPRO and Deluxe Group Incentive Travel -whether to boost sales during a short-term sales competition or as an added tool to encourage workplace safety. 

"Spin and Win now offers a way to deliver individual rewards without requiring the recipient to create an account," added Cummins. "This makes it ideal for spot awards, channel programs and retail sales incentives. And because there are no monthly fees or set-up costs, it is a quick and simple way for companies to launch an incentive program."

More details about the program can be found at www.dittmanincentives.com.