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New Monaco Tourism Campaign: 'Green Is the New Glam'

The new campaign will position Monaco as a destination that is as environmentally conscious as it is glamorous

Monaco Green

Environmental advocates traditionally have promoted sustainability as a cost-cutting measure by emphasizing its economic benefits. The Principality of Monaco, however, is trying something new. Instead of pushing sustainability as a way to save cash, it's marketing it as a way to add cachet.

At the core of its approach is a new marketing campaign featuring the slogan "Green is the New Glam." Launched yesterday by the Monaco Government Tourist Office (MGTO), the new campaign will position Monaco as a travel destination that is as environmentally conscious as it is glamorous by highlighting the principality's goals and accomplishments with respect to environmental sustainability. 

For instance, Monaco has established several important sustainability targets: By 2030, it plans to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent compared to 1990s levels, and by 2050 it plans to be completely carbon-neutral.

To help meet its targets, the principality has established an "Energy Transition Mission" and a "Smart+" program; the former awards grants to local businesses to help them transition to renewable energy sources while the latter provides hoteliers with a "Smart Box" that helps them monitor electricity consumption and institute changes to reduce it.

"Although our new slogan this year is 'Green is the New Glam,' the principality has been at the forefront of implementing measures to protect our fragile environment for years. The aim of the new campaign is to show that Monaco is a sustainable luxury destination," said Cindy Hoddeson, director of MGTO's North American office in New York.

According to Hoddeson, Monaco's hospitality industry has embraced the principality's environmental agenda. Since recently installing its Smart Box, for instance, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort has installed more than 800 sustainable light fittings, allowing it to save one month's worth of electricity per year. The Fairmont Monte-Carlo, meanwhile, has an HVAC system that's powered by four underground heat pumps -- a renewable energy source that draws heat from the seawater surrounding the hotel. And in 2017, Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo funded and organized the reforestation of a nearby hillside after it suffered from severe forest fires; through the Metropole's "My Very Own Tree" program, hotel guests may donate to help plant new trees in the area.

"We are thrilled to unveil the 'Green is the New Glam' campaign," said MGTO Director of Communications Corinne Kiabski. "Monaco is undoubtedly one of the world's most iconic destinations, and we look forward to introducing visitors to a side of our principality they may not have known about before: the destination of choice for the indulgent traveler conscious of leaving a positive impact behind when they leave."