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10 Ways to Create an Organizational Culture of Recognition

How to motivate managers to recognize employees.

10 Ways to Create an Organizational Culture of Recognition
A top concern for many organizational leaders is spurring their managers to regularly and consistently recognize employees. Developing an organizational culture that appreciates and recognizes staff for positive behavior and personal effort requires several steps. These 10 tips offer a useful guide to kick-start a culture of recognition.
  1. Set clear expectations: Let managers know they should  appreciate  and recognize employees for their contributions. Company leaders should set the pattern for recognizing staff contributions.
  2. Share employee feedback: Capture video testimonials from employees and open-ended survey results that show the positive and negative feelings people have about recognition.
  3. Share data: Provide managers with employee engagement survey scores and drill down on how the recognition-specific questions scored. Any score below 65 percent is a sign that everyday recognition is lacking.
  4. Take 30 seconds: We all have the same 24 hours in a day and giving quality recognition takes less than 30 seconds. Suggest managers start and end their day by recognizing their team.
  5. Get feedback: Meet with managers on a regular basis to determine their view of their recognition efforts. Get their input on challenges, frustrations, or problems they have with giving recognition and coach them to succeed.
  6. Provide resources: Share tools that give managers knowledge and insight on best practices for recognition. These can be in the form of articles, podcasts or video tutorials.
  7. Offer classes:  Give managers educational opportunities to learn about effective recognition, via classes, online training, webcasts or lunch-and-learn sessions.
  8. Establish goals:    Have managers set goals for how they intend to improve the frequency and quality of their recognition. Stay on top of their commitments and hold managers accountable to their goals.
  9. Use positive reinforcement: Be sure to recognize managers for their recognition efforts. 
  10. Share success stories:    Let managers share their recognition successes during meetings; doing so lets other managers know the intrinsic benefits of lifting people up.

Roy Saunderson is the author of Practicing Recognition: How to give meaningful recognition to people every day. Saunderson is the chief learning officer at Rideau Recognition Solutions where he provides consulting, learning and thought-leadership services focused on helping leaders and managers give real recognition the right way. He can be reached at [email protected], followed on Twitter @RoySaunderson and through his AuthenticRecognition.com blog.