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MotivAction Automates Sales Promotions


A new incentive application aims to automate the process of creating, launching, and running a new sales or channel incentive program, as well as fulfill awards and measure a program's success. 

The new program, PromotionBuilder, is built on Minneapolis, MN-based MotivAction's Encore recognition platform, and like Encore aims to make the process of starting a new program as easy and painless as possible. Both platforms are designed to be usable by anything from a small business to a large multi-national corporation.  

"One of the most exciting features of PromotionBuilder is the simplicity of use," said Joe Keller, president of MotivAction, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. "Companies tell us they struggle with the complexities of designing effective sales and channel incentive programs but have an even greater challenge tracking performance and communicating the results. In just one screen, a program administrator or a MotivAction account manager can build an entire incentive program in less than five minutes."

The benefits of having the entire program automated aren't just at the beginning of the process, when the program sponsors, sales managers, or dealer/distributors are creating the programs, enrolling participants, and setting and communicating the program rules, according to Kari Vrba, MotivAction's senior vice president of business development. PromotionBuilder schedules and delivers ongoing communications that keep the program fresh in participants' minds while displaying the program standings in real time and ensuring that award payouts are delivered in a timely fashion.  

"The need for tracking results on Excel spreadsheets is eliminated and standings displayed in real-time," Vrba said. "Most importantly, the award payout is aligned with the desired behavior and participants receive their awards as soon as the program closes."