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Forget Employee of the Month and Focus on Employee of the Moment

When it comes to recognizing employees’ successes, we’re all familiar with the typical “Employee of the Month” celebration. That one outstanding employee--whose accumulated accomplishments seem to finally merit recognition--is presented with a reward that is announced companywide. But the more time that you spend waiting for the end of the month to reward brilliant performance, the less effective this recognition method becomes.

So, why have an “Employee of the Month” when you can have an “Employee of the Moment”?  

In the past year, Twitter has had a 250 percent increase in tweets per day (95 million/day). LinkedIn has had 100 percent growth in users to over 100 million.  Facebook has had a rise in user logins to 250 million each day. Just like everyone else in the world, HR is being influenced by a social shift. Instead of framing an employee’s photo and hanging it on the wall, now you can take their picture and upload it, tweet it, blog it, post it, and even "like" it (on Facebook, of course). Having “Employees of the Moment” fosters a culture of everyday feedback and drives a recognition rhythm at companies.  HR professionals now have the opportunity to use social networking to learn, grow, and improve--and perhaps more importantly, recruit, communicate, and enhance employee engagement. 

When HR embraces a social media recognition strategy, the corporate culture will not only be positively impacted, but there is also an opportunity to leverage the company brand. An “Employee of the Moment” initiative will reinforce the impact of a “thank you” in a meaningful way that benefits your workforce and your business.

Build your brand as you build your culture. In today’s workforce, you better like what other people have to say about your brand. With social media and social networking, the encounters that current employees, past employees, and candidates have with your company will be made public. Twitter now gives the world access to both positive and negative brand experiences.  With all of today’s social outlets, your brand is bound to be discussed in channels beyond your control--and as the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”.  

By adopting an “Employee of the Moment” strategy, your HR department can highlight your corporate culture by contributing positive and meaningful moments to the social space. Your social media enabled recognitions will allow employees to share positive moments within your company to external networks. This will build your company profile and employer brand. You can optimize “Employee of the Moment” recognition with a formal reward and Social Recognition software.  Formal platforms can automate the networks that recognitions are published to, and also include a company logo and branding to enhance your company’s online profile. Custom messaging can highlight your company culture or promote recruiting drives.  

“Employee of the Moment” gives your workforce access to immediate, positive, and public feedback. Openly celebrating employee accomplishments through social media outlets allows employees to not only be commended at work, but also share special moments with their own networks. Positively interacting with social networks allows your business to drive focused conversations around wins and successes on a frequent basis.  Social media allows networks to comment on user activity; “Employee of the Moment” trends create a circle of positive feedback that celebrates accomplishments publicly and instantly that benefit your employee and company alike. 

Focusing on positive moments that happen and are celebrated in real-time with your workforce and external social networks will help you to leverage your employees to help you build an employer brand and recruit great talent.

Razor Suleman is the founder and CEO of Achievers (formerly I Love Rewards). Achievers is passionate about employee rewards and Social Recognition and provides software helps engage employees and drive performance globally.