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C.A. Short Co. Partners With Peerless Performance on New Recognition and Sales Incentive Solutions

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Employee recognition outfit C.A. Short Co. has partnered with performance-improvement firm Peerless Performance to launch a suite of recognition and sales incentive products. Leveraging the relative strengths of each organization, the new offerings cover a wide range of incentive services, from program design and modeling to analysis of results.

C.A. Short has long specialized in service anniversary awards, recognition, safety and wellness programs through its People Are Everything platform. Peerless, launched in June 2017 by incentive industry veteran Tina Weede, focuses on leveraging data through its online diagnostics tool Peerless Study to engage and motivate employees and associates. Together, the companies are launching what they are calling Next Generation Incentives -- an expansive suite covering incentive sourcing, communications and experiential rewards.

"We will be the incentive division of this partnership," Weede explained to Incentive. "C.A. Short will use the Peerless Study, and we will be doing all the sales strategy and incentive strategy, program design, modeling and fulfillment for any incentive travel, meetings or event."

An extensive incentive solutions implementation program covers everything from assessing participants' needs to developing KPIs and lead measure all the way through creating specific itineraries for incentive travel programs and coordinating on-site gifting experiences and post-trip evaluations. They will also provide a curated catalog of thousands of rewards including merchandise, experiential rewards and more that can be customized to a particular audience or program.

"It's not 'do this, get that,' but 'what's next? What mix is this generation looking for?,'" said Weede. She emphasized that both C.A. Short and Peerless would bring to the partnership what it does best, creating an incentive offering that will be the greater than the sum of its parts for clients.

"That's what's great about bringing these two groups together - we are creating that connection, providing a full suite of services and solutions for our clients without reinventing the wheel," said Weede. "It will be seamless in regard to user experience within all of our solutions and projects."