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Best Practices for Service Awards

A new eBook from Michael C. Fina looks at do's and don'ts of running a service incentive program.

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Length-of-service awards are one of the earliest forms of recognition, which means for a lot of companies, it's time for a refresh of their programs. That is the contention of a new eBook from recognition company Michael C. Fina. It looks at do's and don'ts of running a service incentive program, and how managers can ensure they are getting the most of their current programs.

Titled The Basics of Modern Service Awards, the book begins by looking at three common issues with current service awards: legacy programs put in place long ago, a virtual workforce that is harder to engage, and changing demographics with different attitudes toward anniversary awards.

To take these issues into consideration and develop a more effective length-of-service program in the process, Michael C. Fina offers up three "fundamentals of success." The first is Awareness, and working to get the word out about the program through effective branding and buy-in from executive leadership.

Second is the Awards themselves -- ensuring the recognition is meaningful to the individuals, depending on interests, background, and budget. The third fundamental cited is Experience - ensuring that managers get involved in the award, offer a thoughtful and perhaps social recognition of an individual's length of service.

Looking specifically at remote workers, the eBook emphasizes that consistency is key, with those working off-site kept in the workplace look. Also important is efficiency in the system used to deliver the award and gift (so workers in far-flung areas get their award in a timely manner).

"While companies continue to search for new ways to celebrate today's fast-paced and increasingly mobile workforce, service awards remain a cornerstone of workplace recognition, and need to stay current with the times," said Ashley Fina, president of Michael C. Fina, in a statement. "Modern programs use employee demographics, new technology, and leadership savvy to create meaningful and memorable recognition experiences."

The eBook is available for download here.