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Outdoor Entertaining for Winners

High-quality patio furniture and grilling gear will inspire incentive participants.

Incentive merchandise rewards are even more motivating when recipients can share them with friends and family. And what better chance to show off the spoils of a strong workplace performance than a backyard barbecue or powwow around the fire pit?
To equip this kind of gathering, a good place to start is Hanover Archer's 7-piece dining set (pictured above), available through PMC Almo ($1,299). This beautiful modern set of furniture -- it includes a dining table with a tempered glass top and six dining chairs with cushions and lumbar pillows -- is a masterwork of bold design. The sturdy open weave of its chairs make this set not only cool and comfortable, but durable.
Indeed, beyond looks and functionality, what makes the Hanover Archer dining set so perfect for a recipient's backyard is how easy it is to maintain. The foam cushions dry lightning quick and pop right back into shape. The steel-frame powder coating resists rust, scratches and the fading power of the sun's harsh UV rays. And the table top is virtually maintenance-free.
If your winners are prone to outdoor dining in early spring, you might want to consider adding a patio heater to the mix of awards. The Portofino Gas Patio Heater ($527.99) from Rymax fits the bill. Designed to emit 42,000 BTUs of heat, it lets everyone dine in comfort even if the weather turns a bit nippy.
This heater is easy to use, with a simple push button to turn on, and it has gas-flow control so your guests will stay warm without breaking a sweat. Note that the heater requires a 20-pound propane tank, sold separately.

For those who want something to light their guests' way in the backyard or elsewhere, the Southwire Solar Powered Stained Glass Light ($45.73) is a true pathfinder. At night, its gorgeous and ethereal stained glass will turn an outdoor space into a wonderland. It uses a solar-powered or NiCd battery that, at night, automatically activates the LED bulb.
Each side of the light features a unique design -- a dragonfly, flowers, a hummingbird and a butterfly. Simply wait for dusk and watch guests' mouths drop in awe. The Stained Glass Light is available through Rymax.

Finally, for incentive winners who might want to upgrade cooking setup, Incentive Concepts carries an all-in-one outdoor grill from Broil King -- the Regal 420 PRO LP Grill ($1,251.97), which comes with grill tools, a cover, and a durable and protective apron. Fire it up and get cooking!