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Motivational Tools — Literally

These home-improvement toolkits, work tables and more can create long-term inspiration.

Few things are as rewarding as a home improvement project. There's a reason for that, as the Incentive Research Foundation has pointed out in a recent white paper. The IRF describes a phenomenon in which people place greater value on things they've worked to build themselves, called "the IKEA Effect." To create a new cabinet or simply fix a leaky sink is to feel a supreme sense of accomplishment, which makes a great set of tools the sort of motivational gift that keeps on giving.
A great place to start is the DeWalt 4-Tool Combo Kit ($399.99), available through Harco Incentives. The bundle contains a drill, a saw, a driver and a work light. In short, it has everything a handyperson will need to get their projects done, even in low light areas.
For those who've got all the power tools they need, check out Stanley's 99-piece black chrome socket set ($169.99), a thorough set of tools so you can ratchet anything back into place. Its black chrome finish is designed to keep corrosion at bay, so these tools should be good for a lifetime.
Before one get cracking with the tools though, one needs a place to store them. Consider Waterloo's 41-inch-wide, eight-drawer tool chest with an 11-drawer tool cabinet ($3,080.99), available also through Harco. If the product sounds confusing, that's because this is actually two things: an eight-drawer chest atop an 11-drawer cabinet.
Both are built with the rugged construction brands like Waterloo are known for. Each drawer has ball-bearing slides designed to withstand 110 pounds, and its wheeled base supports 3,500 pounds. Needless to say, you can fill this up with your tools, your mother's tools and your grandfather's tools, and it still won't break.

For those who have their tool sets covered, a great work bench can be a motivator. Take the Worx Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse ($169.99), available through Power Sales. It's lightweight, yet sturdy enough for construction workers who need portability. Not using it? Simply fold this compactible table down to a mere 5-inch thickness and store it away. Able to hold up to 300 pounds, the Worx Pegasus can be transformed from a sawhorse to a workbench in seconds.
Need a workspace with extreme durability? You can't do much better than the Waterloo 6-Foot Butcher Block Workbench ($893.99). Six feet wide, 1.75 inches thick and held together by an indestructible steel frame, the Waterloo Butcher Block Bench can hold up to 3,000 pound loads. Available through Harco Incentives.