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Better Leather for Top Employees

From office supplies to fashion accessories, leather goods make for attractive awards.

There's no wonder why leather is one of the most coveted materials for office supplies, outer wear, and bags and luggage. It can look sleek and sophisticated or, if you like a more rugged aesthetic, it can develop a rich patina, with each discoloration and wrinkle contributing to the story of its use.

While you can pick and choose some spectacular leather gifts for your outstanding employees, sometimes the best option is to let them choose. With that in mind, Laudi Vidni, a purveyor of fine leather goods -- clutches, purses, backpacks, travel bags and other accessories -- offers events where up to 10 employees can choose which items they want.

These leather-goods bars are available either on-site, in Laudi Vidni's Chicago showroom or virtually on a custom microsite. Regardless of the medium, guests can select an array of Laudi Vidni's leather goods, and choose from a variety of customization options. 

How it works is Laudi Vidni chooses the assortment of products, and prices are the same as retail pricing. Another option is for you, the employer, to select a single style of one of Laudi Vidni's products, and have it customized in bulk. 

While Laudi Vidni tends toward the flashier side, Maxwell-Scott, based out of the U.K., has a more conservative but still beautiful collection of products made with Italian leather. And the company's in-house corporate-gift program delivers to the U.S. Gifting options include products perfect for the on-the-road office professional, including leather mini pocket agenda books and a gorgeous executive leather briefcase, called the Basilio, specifically built for the rigors of executive life. 

Finally, Canyon Outback Leather -- available through the Plybon Co. -- has a bunch of excel-lent bags ranging from the rustic to boardroom-appropriate. If your employee is in the market for a great hiking bag, check out the tough and ready-to-rumble Corbin Small Canvas Messenger Bag. Casual, light and fully functional, this bag is designed to get anyone through their day, no matter how chaotic it might be.

On the other hand, need something that'll impress the boss? Then there's the sleek, black Copper Canyon Expandable Brief-case. Light and easy to carry, this bag has all the compartments for an employee to stash his or her stuff and be ready to impress in every meeting.