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Television for Winners

Today's enhanced home entertainment systems are a hit with incentive recipients.

A booming home entertainment system may be the quintessential incentive reward. A full theater -- with a 5.1 surround-sound system, a new television, a three-way speaker, a subwoofer and two side-channel speakers -- would be hard to justify sacrificing a paycheck for. But when it can be earned by upping one's sales or job performance, it makes for a pretty compelling carrot.
This reward also breaks down into natural tiers. While it might require some pretty serious sales to earn a full system, employees can at least get started with one piece at a time, earning their way toward a total home entertainment revamp.
One thing that could drive performance is a huge television. We're in a world where 55-inch and 65-inch models are standard, so the next size up would be a massive 75-inch set.
Power Sales offers a number of big-screen TVs, and a great starting point is the 75-inch Master Series 4K HDR Ultra HDTV from Sony ($5,999.99). The Master Series is Sony's top-end consumer line, designed for cinephiles and video connoisseurs. It creates a vivid picture that comes as close as possible to the Sony displays that are actually meant for video professionals.
It should be noted that the 75-inch Master Series 4K HDR Ultra isn't an OLED -- a rapidly maturing technology that creates color contrasts so sharp, it can feel like real life. However, Power Sales does stock a Master Series OLED, though it "only" comes in a 65-inche model ($4,499.99). While it's not the biggest picture available, it's arguably among the best pictures available.
But for those who really want size, Power Sales has Samsung's massive 82-inch NU8000 Smart 4K UHD TV ($4,499.99 -- pictured above). It uses Samsung's patented Bixby voice control so you can manipulate the device entirely by voice. Again, this isn't an OLED, but it's a fantastic 4K ultra-high-def display. One thing to note about Samsung's offering, however, is that there do tend to be more advertisements displayed on the home screen than other smart TV offerings.
If incentive participants are already set up with an optimum movie-viewing experience (or are aiming for a more modest reward), they could consider upgrading their sound system. Sonos is among the best brands for letting you create an attractive, plug-and-play surround-sound experience.

While the Play:5 ($499) is a fantastic wireless speaker if your goal is to listen to music, the Sonos Playbase ($699) is specifically designed for televisions - both available through Rymax. This three-way speaker is built with the same tech as Sonos' vaunted Playbar, but it's a better option for people who don't want to mount their televisions on a wall. The Playbase is designed to sit flat on a media console, and it can hold the weight of a TV sitting on top of it; in essence, it's both a speaker and a TV base.