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How Exercise Equipment Can Motivate Workers

High-quality home gyms can make for powerful employee incentives.


With sunnier weather comes more incentive to lose the winter weight that's accumulated around one's midsection. And that can make a home gym a particularly alluring offering around this time of year.

A home gym stocked with the latest equipment is just what most people need in order to develop an exercise routine and stick with it.

For employees who want an all-in-one machine, or who don't have a lot of space (hello, apartment dwellers!), LifeFitness's Home Compact Gym ($1,499) is the perfect accessory to keep one honest about a fitness schedule. 

Not only is this gym designed to give the owner's body a full and thorough workout, it's also designed to be compact, perfect for people with limited living space -- or who don't want machines that will dominate their room. Key features include a variable arc press arm, allowing for a variety of chest presses and arm exercises. It's also ergonomically designed so the machine rides smoothly with one's body's natural motion. And it has an adjustable back to ensure proper positioning at all times.

For the runners, there's the LifeFitness Club Series Treadmill ($5,499, pictured at top). Built for the long haul, this treadmill is designed for durability. It also remembers the owner's optimal run, jog or walk speeds, so users can jump on it and start their workout without fiddling with customization. It's got a heartrate monitor, is compatible with Apple devices, and has a reading rack and an accessory tray, to keep hydration and other fuel nearby at all times The treadmill itself has a patented shock-absorption system, so it's easy on the knees and will keep you running for a long, long time.

Both LifeFitness devices are available through Capitol Sales.

For those who want to build stamina and tone up their muscles, a rowing machine is a great option. Stamina's X AMRAP Rowing Machine ($1,199) provides a thorough full-body workout that'll leave users satisfied and exhilarated. It also adjusts to one's personal workout speed -- for more resistance, pull harder, and for less resistance, pull less. 

Additionally, the AMRAP has all the bells and whistles including a heart-rate transmitter and a monitor that shows distance and time and calories burned. 

The Stamina machine is available through Power Sales.