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Spafinder Launches New Wellness App

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Spafinder is taking its wellness gift card offerings a few steps further with its new app. The gift card had previously allowed a recipient access to more than 25,000 spa and wellness vendors, all through one payment platform. Now, instead of visiting the Spafinder website and entering a zip code, a user simply pulls up The Wellness App to see all nearby locations that accept the card (not to mention the many online retailers).

"You can use the app to pay on the spot or, say you're walking around the city and pass a place that accepts the card, it will send you a push notification to let you know about the offerings in the area," said Christi Schaufler, vice president of corporate sales for Spafinder. 

Companies can deliver incentives through the app, adding value to employees' accounts. The app also has a loyalty program built into it, allowing users to gain points, graduating to gold and silver status and unlocking new special offers as they use and reload the card.

While this new offering makes it easier than ever for recipients to use the Wellness 365 card, Schaufler emphasizes that the biggest draw for users remains the selection it provides. From fitness boot camps to yoga classes and massages to pedicures, the card covers a huge range of health-oriented products and services -- and that increases interest for recipients of all types.

"More choice means more engagement," said Schaufler. "The goals are still fitness and wellness, but users get to decide how they want to do that, whether it's a wellness class, a massage to reduce stress levels, or maybe kickboxing lessons."