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MyPoints Launches New Gift Card App

Gift-card users have a new way to get more from their rewards. Woodland Hills, CA-based consumer loyalty services firm MyPoints has launched a new mobile app that allows users to buy, share, or exchange their gift cards. Called Swappable, the app is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

Perhaps the handiest feature on the new app is the option to "swap" a gift card received from Swappable for another of equal value. Should someone receive a card as a gift or workplace incentive for a merchant they rarely patronize, they would now be able to painlessly trade it in for a more preferable choice. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of unwanted gift cards received or sent.

"In the past, gift cards have not been terribly interactive," said Sha Fakiri, general manager for MyPoints, in a statement. "Now, with the Swappable app, users can select their optimal gift experience through an easily navigable and simple interface. MyPoints will continue to offer our customers wonderful online shopping experiences and now can apply that expertise toward revolutionizing how consumers use gift cards."

Those giving gift cards can use Swappable to add a personalized message -- text, photo, or even video -- to accompany the card when it is sent to the recipient. In the near future, MyPoints aims to enable geolocation technology, which can alert users when they are near a store where their gift cards can be redeemed.

"The gift card space is rapidly changing and has continued to grow in recent years," added Francis Lobo, president and CEO of MyPoints subsidiary United Online, in a statement. "Through the launch of Swappable, we believe we are adding new functionality and personalization that will enable us to grow our share of a market that saw $124 billion spent on gift cards in 2014 alone."