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Global Reward Solutions Expands Offerings

Incentive program managers looking to enhance their gift card programs now have a new virtual gift card tool. Global Reward Solutions has recently introduced GCodes, a virtual gift code that allows for the delivery of rewards in more than 80 countries. 

Global Reward Solutions, a cloud-based reward management platform based in Toronto, aimed to create a seamless offering that could work across the globe and with a wide range of currencies -- dollars, euros, pounds, and more.

"Sending rewards is easier than ever with the elimination of complex program administration," Rob Purdy, founder and CEO of Global Reward Solutions, told Incentive. "GCodes are delivered by email in three simple clicks."

He added that the GCodes' rewards catalog includes a number of globally available reward categories: Merchandise, Virtual Rewards, Retail Gift Cards, Hotels and Travel, Experience and Event Tickets, and even Mobile Top-Up. The offering's API also allows companies to reward a wide range of activities -- including performance recognition, loyalty, and worker engagement -- in values ranging from 10 cents to $2,500.

While the platform allows for the rewards to be delivered to 85 countries, all the rewards are locally sourced and delivered within each country, removing shipping and delivery costs. They are available in several types: The Everything Code is redeemable for any reward type; GCodes Virtual, which includes digital books, gift cards, and travel; GCodes Gift Cards, offering cards from thousands of retailers; and GCodes Hotel and Travel, providing value at more than 400,000 hotels, airlines, and more.

"GCodes enhances Global Reward Solutions' existing offering due to the elimination of program administration requirements," explained Purdy. "The GCodes three-click redemption process enables recipients to go from email to shopping in just seconds. Additionally, GCodes has launched an application for Salesforce users. Salesforce users can enjoy the Global Reward Solutions rewards catalogue offering by using the GCodes app. This is a tremendous enhancement to GRS as we now can offer a reward solution to the Salesforce community."

More information about the offering can be found at here.