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Incentive Organizations Create Fulfillment Partnership

GC Incentives, Ovation Incentives launch strategic marketing alliance

GC Incentives Ovation

Omaha, NE-based GC Incentives | GiftCertificates.com has entered into a strategic marketing alliance with London-based Ovation Incentives. With the partnership, the incentive organizations will align their sales and marketing tools for their mutual benefit, aiming to leverage each of their respective strengths. Ovation Incentives will serve as fulfillment partner for GC Incentives' services outside the United States, while GC Incentives will provide fulfillment within the U.S.

The partnership will provide GC Incentives with the use of Ovation Incentives technology, particularly its Encore social employee reward and recognition platform. The tool provides real-time social recognition and award tracking, either as an off-the-shelf software-as-a-service offering, or fully customized platform aligned with the client's organizational culture - both for U.S. and global customers.  

"We already know how important having a global footprint is to those who look to the incentives industry for leadership," said GC Incentives CEO Rick Buer. "Working with Ovation Incentives is one more step forward in delivering that global perspective in our business."

Additionally, GC Incentives will tap into Ovation Incentive's Universal Voucher System, incentive redemption solutions that can be issued in more than 35 currencies and be redeemed for more than 1,200 rewards in more than 120 countries. The offering, which supports real-time delivery using secure APIs (Application Programing Interfaces), will be further developed to meet the evolving needs of both companies, including serving corporate-wellness initiatives. 

On the other hand, Ovation will get use of GC Incentives' GiftPass reward fulfillment technology for its U.S.-based customers, which recipients can redeem for retail gift cards from hundreds of stores, hotels, theaters, restaurants, and more.

"We understand the global significance of what we have set out to do as a leader in the incentives industry," said Jonathan Grey, founder and CEO of Ovation Incentives. "By connecting with GC Incentives|GiftCertificates.com, we are confident our customers will benefit from a strategy that starts with stronger connections and that is what this alliance is first and foremost about."