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Blackhawk Network Changes Name of Expanding Incentive Business to Hawk Incentives

Rebranding aims to better position company for long-term growth

Hawk Incentives

Gift card solutions provider Blackhawk Network announced on March 28 that its incentive awards division will now be known as Hawk Incentives. This rebranded segment of the company will include all solutions currently part of the Blackhawk Engagement Solutions and Blackhawk B2B digital incentive teams. 

The Pleasanton, CA-based company emphasized that this change is intended to support its long-term growth. The organization has expanded rapidly in the past few years, with the acquisition of rewards providers such as Parago, InteliSpend, CardLab, and Incentec Solutions -- which together formed the original Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. With the shift to Hawk Incentives, the organization aims to position itself for additional growth and to create efficiencies in its customer and partner offerings.

"The rebranding meets the market, providing a clearer explanation for what we do," Theresa McEndree, vice president of marketing for Hawk Incentives, told Incentive. "It's more clearly focused on incentives and providing a better incentive experience, and more reflective of the companies that it represents, taking into account the different investments and acquisitions we've made."

The repositioning also aims to align with Blackhawk's rebranded retail and digital consumer business structure, which was renamed Hawk Commerce late last year. 

"As we took a step back and looked at our business, it made sense to create these two businesses -- Hawk Incentives and Hawk Commerce," added McEndree. "It's more representative of our global offerings for the incentive industry."

But despite the name change, McEndree emphasized that the organization would "continue its dedication to building a better incentive experience in the marketplace" and focus on priorities of access, ease, and speed of rewards.

"We are at the cutting edge of bringing digital, virtual, and mobile deliveries," said McEndree. "We are constantly evolving and looking for new investments."