TEAMS: TRAVEL, EVENTS AND MANAGEMENT IN SPORTS, is the world’s leading conference and expo for the sports-event industry. Presented by SportsTravel magazine, TEAMS ’19 will be held in Anaheim, California. Launched in 1998, TEAMS attracts more than one thousand attendees including CEOs, executive directors and event managers from sports organizations as well as representatives from sports commissions and convention bureaus, corporate sponsors, event suppliers and other hospitality industry opinion leaders. For more than 20 years, TEAMS has helped define the sports-event and appointment-based trade show industries.



  • Sports-related travel generates 88 million room nights and $31 billion in direct spending every year. Sports is one of the strongest segments in the entire travel industry
  • Sports-event organizers value long-term destination and hotel relationships
  • Sports-related meetings and conventions generate nearly 25 million room nights annually
  • Sporting events are highly visible, their impact is more easily measured, they enhance the quality of life for residents of the host city and can be key to
    economic development as well as individual and business relocation



  • Sports-specific educational content including innovative programming such as the EsportsTravel Summit and Sports Betting Forum
  • One-on-one meetings with sports-event organizers and host cities, venues and sponsors for your future events
  • Interactive, appointment-based trade show
  • USOC Olympic Sportslink and NGB Best Practices Seminars
  • Unrivaled networking opportunities





TEAMS Attend

ATTEND: One-on-one appointments allow sports-event organizers quality face-time to strengthen relationships with destinations and hotels.

Sports-event organizers at TEAMS will find new host cities and venues for their future events and meetings in a time-efficient, cost-effective manner. And the hands-on educational programming and industry insights from the thought leaders in sporting events will help event organizers run their organizations more successfully.

Personal Appointment Sessions
Event organizers will have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one appointments with convention bureaus, sports commissions, hotels, suppliers and sponsors of their choice. Those who complete their appointment schedules on the trade show floor are entered to win one of five cash prizes at the TEAMS Closing Party.

Off-Site Networking and Education
Event organizers will experience the TEAMS host city by attending educational sessions and panels in new and renovated venues. Everyone is also encouraged to attend networking parties to continue discussing business-development opportunities and have some fun!

Don’t miss your chance to be in front of more than 300 venues, cities and suppliers to speak about the future of your events. Register now!

To attend TEAMs '19, register here


TEAMS Exhibit

EXHIBIT: Reserve your exhibit space now to be a part of the most dynamic deal-making environment in the sports-event industry.

As an exhibitor, you’ll be a part of the most dynamic environment for deal-making in the sports-event industry and position yourself to attract 88 million room nights and $31 billion in direct spending our attendees generate. Plus, you’ll gain exclusive access to event organizers. 

Appointment Sessions
Exhibitors will have the opportunity to schedule appointments with governing body representatives and event rights holders. The pre-scheduled one-on-one sessions in your booth will allow quality face time, facilitate real business and generate ROI.

Exhibitors Contact

To become an exhibitor at TEAMS ’19, email [email protected].


TEAMS Sponsor

SPONSOR: TEAMS sponsorship packages are designed to increase your exposure and awareness in the sports-event industry.

The TEAMS Conference allows its partners the opportunity to showcase themselves as a prime sports destination to attendees who are capable of bringing groups, sporting events and sports-related meetings to your state. Several sports organizations and associations have selected the TEAMS Conference & Expo as their conference of choice proven by more than ninety-percent attendee retention rate and the overall continued growth of TEAMS.

The TEAMS Conference & Expo Sponsorship Package is designed to increase your exposure and awareness in the sports-event industry, leverage your industry partners business assets and drive results through direct-selling opportunities to sports-event rights holders and meeting planners.

Sponsors Contact

To become a sponsor at TEAMS ’19, email [email protected].





TEAMS Network

NETWORK: Networking opportunities include a variety of social functions that will help you build valuable relationships.

To enhance your conference experience at TEAMS, we’re planning a variety of networking and social functions that will help you build valuable relationships for today and tomorrow!


Event Organizers Contact

Event organizers interested in attending TEAMS ’19, register here or email [email protected].

Please check back for updated speakers

This is a tentative Schedule for TEAMS ’19 in Anaheim and is subject to change.

TEAMS ’19 conference schedule presented by Traveling Teams.

[Traveling Teams Logo]

Unless otherwise noted, all TEAMS ’19 sessions and activities will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center.

*Please note, NGB sessions are for Olympic Family members only.

*Attendees must register for SportsLink to attend these sessions.

Sunday, November 10

5:00pm 8:00pm
NCSG Welcome and Registration Table (color: #0000ff)

Monday, November 11

6:00am 6:30am
Bus Loading and Transportation to Golf Tournament

8:00am 3:00pm
TEAMS 15th Annual Golf Tournament

Get ready to hit the links with your fellow TEAMS attendees. The 15th annual TEAMS Golf Tournament

More Detail
will be played at Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine. The Tom Frazio-designed championship course beckons the competitive spirit of golf players at all levels, with new challenges dispersed throughout, scenic greens, beautiful lakes and caved bunkers.

Sponsored by: Visit Knoxville Sports Commission

Oak Creek Golf Club
12:00pm 5:00pm
egistration Desk; Housing Desk; Appointments Desk Open

Sponsored by: Traveling Teams

9:00am 12:00pm
NCSG Welcome and Registration Table (color: #0000ff)
9:00am 5:00pm
NCSG Symposium
5:00pm 6:30pm
Happy Hour for Event Rights Holders

Open to NGB representatives and other event rights holders only, the happy hour will be an

More Detail
opportunity for sports organization representatives to connect with each other in a relaxed, informal setting.

Hilton Anaheim Pool Deck

Tuesday, November 12

7:00am 5:00pm
Registration Desk; Housing Desk; Appointments Desk Open

Sponsored by: Traveling Teams

7:00am 8:00am
NGB Breakfast
8:00am 2:00pm
Exhibitor Set Up
8:00am 9:00am
NGB Best Practices Opening Session (color: #ff6600)
9:00am 10:00am
NGB Best Practices (color: #ff6600)
9:00am 1:30pm
NCSG Symposium (color: #0000ff)
10:00am 10:45am
NGB Best Practices (color: #ff6600)
10:45am 11:00am
Networking Break
11:00am 11:45am
NGB Best Practices (color: #ff6600)
11:00am 11:45am
TEAMS Educational Session: Event Organizer Track
11:00am 11:45am
TEAMS Educational Session: Host City Track
12:00pm 1:00pm
SportsLink and NGB Best Practices Arrivals Luncheon (color: #008000)
1:15pm 2:15pm
NGB Best Practices
1:15pm 2:15pm
TEAMS First-Time Attendee Training
2:15pm 2:30pm
Networking Break
2:30pm 3:30pm
TEAMS/SportsLink Opening General Session (color: #008000)
3:30pm 3:45pm
Networking Break
3:45pm 4:45pm
NGB Best Practices C-Level Sessions (color: #ff6600)
3:45pm 5:00pm
Event Organizer Marketplace
5:00pm 6:00pm
TEAMS '19 Expo Happy Hour
6:30pm 7:30pm
SportsLink Welcome Reception (color: #008000)

(color: #008000) Open to those registered for Olympic SportsLink and NGB Best Practices only, this

More Detail
welcome reception will be held inside the exclusive Don Julio Club at Angel Stadium. The club, located above home plate, provides a panoramic view of the field.

Don Julio Club at Angel Stadium
7:00pm 7:30pm
Bus Loading for Opening Celebration
7:30pm 10:00pm
TEAMS '19 Opening Celebration

Anaheim is home to some of the most exciting teams in professional sports and TEAMS attendees will

More Detail
get to see one of the city’s crown jewels during our opening celebration at Angel Stadium. Home to Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels, the stadium will be the host and provide the backdrop of the TEAMS ’19 Opening Celebration.

Sponsored by: Visit Anaheim

Angel Stadium
Bus Loading from Opening Celebration back to Host Hotels
NCSG Hospitality Suite


Wednesday, November 13

7:00am 5:00pm
Registration Desk; Housing Desk; Appointments Desk Open

Sponsored by: Traveling Teams

7:00am 7:45am
NGB Breakfast (color: #ff6600)
7:45am 8:45am
NGB Best Practices (color: #ff6600)
8:00am 9:00am
Morning Hospitality
9:00am 10:00am
NGB Best Practices C-Level Sessions (color: #ff6600)
9:00am 11:30am
TEAMS Exhibit Hall Open
10:15am 11:15am
NGB Best Practices C-Level Sessions (color: #ff6600)
11:30am 11:45am
Networking Break
11:45am 1:15pm
SportsTravel Awards Luncheon – All Attendees Welcome
1:15pm 1:30pm
Networking Break
1:30pm 3:00pm
TEAMS Exhibit Hall Open
3:00pm 3:45pm
SportsLink Programming (color: #008000)
3:00pm 3:45pm
TEAMS Educational Session
3:45pm 4:00pm
Networking Break
4:00pm 5:00pm
SportsLink Programming (color: #008000)
4:00pm 5:00pm
TEAMS Educational Session
4:00pm 5:30pm
NCSG Annual Meeting (color: #0000ff)
5:00pm 6:00pm
Networking Happy Hour

Sponsored by: Sports Virginia

5:30pm 6:00pm
NCSG BOD Meeting (color: #0000ff)
6:00pm 10:00pm
Open Evening
10:00pm 12:00am
TEAMS Late-Night Lounge

After a night out in Anaheim, rejoin your fellow attendees at the TEAMS ’19 Late-Night Lounge, the

More Detail
extended-hours networking opportunity pioneered by the TEAMS Conference. The Ranch Saloon is Anaheim’s premier venue for upscale country music and dancing and will provide an informal but productive setting for pursuing your sports-related business objectives.

Sponsored by: Team Kentucky

The Saloon at The Ranch
10:30pm 12:00am
NCSG Hospitality Suite (color: #0000ff)


Thursday, November 14

7:00am 5:00pm
Registration Desk; Housing Desk; Appointments Desk Open

Sponsored by: Traveling Teams

8:00am 9:00am
Morning Hospitality
9:00am 10:30am
TEAMS Exhibit Hall Open
10:30am 10:45am
Networking Break
10:45am 11:30am
SportsLink Programming (color: #008000)
10:45am 11:30am
TEAMS Educational Session
11:30am 11:45am
Networking Break
11:45am 1:15pm
Lunch and Closing General Session

Sponsored by: SMG


1:15pm 1:30pm
Networking Break
1:30pm 2:15pm
SportsLink Programming (color: #008000)
1:30pm 2:15pm
TEAMS Educational Session
2:15pm 2:30pm
Networking Break
2:30pm 5:00pm
TEAMS Exhibit Hall Open
4:00pm 5:00pm
TEAMS Closing Happy Hour
5:00pm 7:00pm
Exhibitor Tear Down
7:00pm 7:30pm
Bus Loading and Transportation to the TEAMS ’19 Closing Party
7:30pm 11:00pm
TEAMS ’19 Closing Party

Bring your TEAMS ’19 experience to a memorable conclusion as we look forward to the excitement of

More Detail
TEAMS ’20. The Closing Party will be held at the Rumba Room, Southern California’s premier nightclub, concert and event venue located in the heart of Anaheim.

Rumba Room Live
8:00pm 11:30pm
Bus Loading and Transportation from TEAMS ’19 Closing Party back to Host Hotels


Hilton Logo Blue

Located just steps away from the Anaheim Convention Center, the Hilton Anaheim is the headquarters hotel for TEAMS ’19.

Anaheim Hotel 1
Anaheim Hotel 2
Teams Hotel Media
Anaheim Hotel 4


777 West Convention Way
Anaheim, CA 92802

We have arranged a special rate for TEAMS attendees of just $219 plus tax per night for standard rooms.  To book your room, please visit the following link:

Please book your room no later than October 25, 2019.

EventSphere is the official housing provider of the Teams ’19 Conference & Expo. We do not endorse booking hotel reservations through any source other than EventSphere, our official housing partner. Other third-party companies may contact you in an effort to get you to book through them. Often, they will misrepresent themselves as the official housing provider. Should you book a room through any other company, we will not be able to protect you from a non-refundable deposit or lack of reservation completely. Should you be contacted by someone other than EventSphere, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

Should you have any questions or concerns about TEAMS ’19 housing, please contact us at [email protected] or by calling 864-208-2655.


Advisory Notice Regarding Outside Solicitations

It has come to our attention that organizations are claiming they are representing themselves as resellers of the TEAMS Conference attendee list. Please be advised that these representations are fraudulent. If you are contacted by an organization that is not the TEAMS Conference, SportsTravel or Northstar Meetings Group, they are not representing our businesses, they do not have rights to represent our businesses, and most importantly, they do not have access to or possession of any of our lists.

  • Avenge
  • Bay Exhibits
  • CMI Event Travel/ Sean Martin
  • Corporate Booking Services / Carlos Viera and Hank Morgan
  • Demand Generation/ Amber, Ruby, Pamela Fox, David Smith
  • Elegant Housing
  • EHRS/ Zach and Alex
  • Exhibition Housing Services / Liam Chris
  • Global Expo List
  • Global Expo Travel
  • Global Housing Corporation / Harry Harrington
  • Global Travel Partners
  • Kelly Brooke
  • Mars Data Leads / Jacob Fernando
  • World Expo Lists / Anna Jasmine, Jennifer White
  • World Wide Travel / Zack Willis
  • Xpo Solutions Transportation / Evan Eissens

Be advised that these companies and individuals have no relationship with the TEAMS Conference & Expo. TEAMS attendees are encouraged to disregard any communication received from these companies or any others that are not affiliated with the TEAMS Conference or Northstar Meetings Group.






The following organizations have exhibited at the TEAMS Conference & Expo in previous years:

  • Access Pass & Design
  • Action
  • Adam’s Mark Dallas
  • Adam’s Mark Denver
  • Adam’s Mark Hotels & Resorts
  • Adup Displays
  • Air Fulfillment Services
  • Akron/Summit CVB
  • Alabama Association of CVBs
  • Alabama Gulf Coast Sports Commission
  • Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Albuquerque CVB
  • Alpharetta CVB
  • Amarillo CVB
  • Amateur Athletic Union
  • Amazing Pictures
  • American Airlines
  • American Bus Association
  • American Business Forms, Inc.
  • American Sports Tickets & Tours
  • American Volksports Assn
  • AmericInn International
  • Amerihost Inn
  • AmeriSuites
  • Anaheim-Orange County CVB
  • Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
  • Anthony Travel
  • Arizona/California Marriotts
  • Arlington CVB
  • Ashworth Awards
  • Atlantic City CVA/SMG
  • Atlantis Casino Resort
  • Augusta Sports Council
  • Aurora Area CVB
  • Aurora Chamber of Commerce
  • Austin CVB
  • Australian Tourist Commission
  • Avenue Plaza Hotel & Pro Spa
  • Aviator Sports and Recreations
  • Avis Rent a Car
  • B.A.S.S.-ESPN Productions
  • Badging Solutions
  • Bakersfield CVB
  • Bass Hotels & Resorts
  • Battle Creek Sports Promotion
  • Baymont Inn & Suites
  • BearCom
  • Beaumont CVB
  • Berkeley CVB
  • Bermuda Tourism
  • Best Western Hotels of Illinois
  • Best Western International Tri-State
  • Best Western International, Inc.
  • Best Western Landmark Hotel
  • Best Western Seven Seas
  • Best Western Stovall’s Hotels
  • Best Western Tempe by the Mall
  • BF Saul Co. Hotel Division
  • Bismarck-Mandan CVB
  • BKnown Promotions
  • Bloomington, MN CVB
  • Bloomington-Normal Sports Commission
  • Boise CVB
  • Boss Mfg
  • Boston’s Hilton Hotels & Bayside Expo Center
  • Bradenton Area CVB
  • Branson/Lakes Area CVB
  • Brazos Valley Sports Foundation
  • Bristol Hotels & Resorts
  • Broadcast International
  • Buffalo Lodging Associates
  • Buffalo/Niagara CVB
  • BusBank
  • Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
  • Canadian Tourism Commission
  • Carlson Hotels Worldwide
  • Cart Driving 101
  • Cartan Tours
  • Cedar Rapids Area CVB
  • Cendant Hotel Group
  • Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing
  • Centre County CVB
  • Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • Champaign County CVB
  • Charleston Area CVB
  • Charleston Metro Sports Council
  • Charleston, WV CVB
  • Charlotte County VB
  • Charlotte CVB
  • Charter Services
  • CharterSearch, Inc.
  • Chester County CVB
  • Chicago Southland CVB
  • Chicagoland Marriott Hotels
  • Choice Hotels International
  • Choice Hotels of Louisiana
  • Cincinnati 2012
  • Cities of the Big XII
  • City of Frisco
  • City of Rockwall, Texas
  • City of Round Rock CVB
  • City of Sulphur Springs
  • City of Virginia Beach CVB
  • City Sports Texas
  • Clearwater Cay Club
  • Club Corp
  • Club Med
  • Coach USA
  • Coach USA/CUSA
  • Coastal CT Sports
  • Cobb County CVB
  • Cobb Sports Council
  • Colorado Springs CVB
  • Columbia Regional Sports Council
  • Columbus Area Visitors Center
  • Columbus, GA Sports Council
  • Comfort Inn Downtown Denver
  • Comfort Suites Maingate East
  • Connecticut Sports
  • Contra Costa CVB
  • Convention Services & Technologies
  • Corpus Christi CVB
  • Count On Me
  • Country Inn & Suites
  • CPI Corporation/Every Day Expressions
  • Crown Awards
  • Crowne Plaza Hotels
  • Crowne Plaza Oceanfront Singer Island
  • Crowne Plaza Resort Anaheim
  • Crowne Plaza/Grand Bahama Island
  • Crowne Plaza/Redondo Beach
  • Crystal Beverage Company
  • CSM Lodging
  • CT Sports Organizing Committee
  • CVA of Lane County Oregon
  • CVA of Washington County, Oregon
  • CVB of Greater Kansas City
  • Dallas 2012
  • Dallas CVB
  • Dallas Hotels
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional Sports Commission
  • Davis Area CVB
  • Dayton CVB
  • Dayton/Montgomery County CVB
  • Delaware Tourism Office
  • Denver Metro CVB
  • Destination Canada
  • Destination Irvine
  • Destination Newark
  • Disney Sports Attractions
  • Don Shula’s Hotel & Golf Club
  • Doral Golf Resort & Spa Doubletree
  • Doral Tesoro Hotel & Golf Club
  • Doubletree Orlando
  • Dreamseats, LLC
  • Driftwood Hospitality
  • DuPage CVB
  • E.J. Krouse & Associates
  • East Coast Elite Sports
  • eBrandedSolutions
  • El Paso CVB
  • Embassy Suites
  • Embassy Suites Hotels of Arizona
  • Embassy Suites of Arizona
  • Embassy Suites San Juan Hotel & Casino
  • Embassy Suites/Austin
  • Embassy Suites/Orange County
  • Epathlon SA
  • Erie Area Sports Commission
  • ESPN Magazine Coaches Fundraising
  • Evansville CVB
  • Event 1, Inc.
  • Executive Inn Oakland
  • Experience Colorado Springs
  • Extended Stay Hotels
  • Fairfield Inn by Marriott Denver
  • Fairfield Inn Fort Worth
  • Fantasy Springs
  • Fargo-Moorhead Athletic Commission
  • Farmers Branch CVB
  • Fine Designs Inc.
  • Flint Area CVB
  • Flint CVB
  • Florence Area Sports Council
  • Florida 2012
  • Florida Sports Foundation
  • Flying Colours International
  • Foreman Get Fit
  • Forks Area Sports Association
  • Fort Collins CVB
  • Fort Smith CVB
  • Fort Wayne/Allen County CVB
  • Fort Worth CVB
  • Four Points Sheraton/Fullerton
  • Franklin Covey Sports Division
  • Freeman Decorating
  • Fresno CVB
  • Fresno Sports Council
  • Frisco CVB
  • Ft. Collins CVB
  • Gainesville-Hall County CVB
  • Galveston Island CVB
  • GameTime Management
  • GameTime Travel
  • George Washington University
  • Georgia Sports
  • GO Czech
  • Golden Spike Events Center
  • Grand America Hotel
  • Grand Island, Nebraska Sports Commission
  • Grand Prize Promotions
  • Grapevine CVB
  • Great Gazebo, Inc
  • Greater Augusta Sports Council
  • Greater Birmingham CVB
  • Greater Boston CVB
  • Greater Cincinnati Sports Corp.
  • Greater Denton Sports Commission
  • Greater Fort Lauderdale Sports Development
  • Greater Grand Forks CVB
  • Greater Hartford CVB
  • Greater Houston CVB
  • Greater Lansing CVB
  • Greater Louisville CVB
  • Greater Madison CVB
  • Greater Mankato CVB
  • Greater Merrimack Valley CVB
  • Greater Miami CVB
  • Greater Morgantown CVB
  • Greater New Haven CVB
  • Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation
  • Greater Omaha CVB
  • Greater Phoenix CVB
  • Greater Rome CVB
  • Greater Springfield (MA) CVB
  • Greater St. Charles (MO) CVB
  • Greater Toledo CVB
  • Greater Wichita CVB
  • Greater Woodfield CVB
  • Greater Woodfield Sports Council
  • Greeley CVB
  • Greene County CVB
  • Greensboro CVB
  • Greenville CVB
  • Gwinnett CVB
  • Gwinnett Sports Commission
  • Hacienda Hotel/Los Angeles Airport
  • Hamilton County CVB
  • Hampton CVB
  • Hampton Inn Hotels & Suites of New Orleans
  • Hampton Inn Metairie
  • Handlery Hotel
  • Hang A Star
  • Hansji Hotels
  • Health & Fitness Sports Magazine
  • Henderson CVB
  • Hershey Foods
  • Hershey-Capital Region Visitors Bureau
  • Hilton Americas Houston
  • Hilton Cancun Beach & Golf Resort
  • Hilton Direct, USA
  • Hilton Garden Inn Hotels
  • Hilton Head Island VCB
  • Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort
  • Hilton National Sales
  • Hilton Salt Lake City Center
  • Hilton San Diego Mission Valley
  • Hilton/Ontario Airport
  • Holiday Inn Buena Park
  • Holiday Inn Downtown Salt Lake City
  • Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts
  • Holiday Inn Hotels of Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Holiday Inn Hotels of Greater Atlanta
  • Holiday Inn Hotels of Greater Houston
  • Holiday Inn Hotels of New Orleans
  • Holiday Inn Hotels of San Antonio
  • Holiday Inn Hotels of South Florida
  • Holiday Inn Norman
  • Holiday Inn North Central
  • Holiday Inn Northeast
  • Holiday Inn Northwest
  • Holiday Inn Plantation
  • Holiday Inn SeaTac
  • Holiday Inn Select Lovefield
  • Holiday Inn South Central
  • Holiday Inn Southwest
  • Home Depot Center-AEG
  • Honolulu City & County of Office of Economic Development
  • Hoosier Sports Corp.
  • Hotel Edison
  • Hotel Derek
  • Hotel Monaco
  • Hotels in the Best Destinations
  • Houston 2012 Foundation
  • Houston Marriott Westchase
  • HTG Sport Services
  • Hyatt Regency Buffalo
  • Hyatt Regency Cincinnati
  • Hyatt Regency DFW
  • Idaho Sports Commission
  • IDSS
  • IEG, Inc.
  • Illinois Bureau of Tourism
  • IMG Academies/Cayclubs
  • Indianapolis CVA
  • Inta-Aussie Tours
  • Intercontinental Hotels Group
  • InterContinental Hotels/Crowne Plaza
  • International Airport Lodging
  • International Motor Coach Group
  • International Sport Summit
  • Interstate Hotels & Resorts
  • Iowa City/Coralville CVB
  • IPI, Inc.
  • Irving CVB
  • IUPUI Sports Complex
  • Jacksonville & the Beaches CVB
  • Jefferson City CVB
  • Jefferson CVB
  • Jet Set Sports/CoSport
  • Jillian’s
  • John S. Oney, LLC
  • Joplin CVB
  • K&K Insurance Group, Inc.
  • Kahler Grand Hotel
  • Kalamazoo County CVB
  • Kansas City CVB
  • Kissimmee CVB
  • Kissimmee/St. Cloud CVB
  • Knockout Sports Network
  • Knoxville Convention Center/SMG
  • Knoxville Tourism & Sports Corporation
  • La Quinta Inns, Inc.
  • Lafayette CVC
  • Lake County (IL) CVB
  • Lake County (IN) CVB
  • Lake Havasu Tourism Bureau
  • Las Cruces CVB
  • Las Vegas CVA
  • Las Vegas Events
  • Laughlin Visitors Bureau
  • Lee County Sports Authority
  • Lehigh Valley Sports Commission
  • Lexington Area Sports Authority
  • Lisle Sports Commission
  • Long Beach Area CVB
  • Long Island Sports Commission
  • Los Angeles Athletic Club
  • Loudoun CVA
  • Louisiana Superdome
  • Louisville – Team Kentucky
  • Louisville CVB
  • Malaysian Tourism Promotion
  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Manchester Grand Hyatt
  • Manning Football Experience
  • Marketing Etc.
  • Marriott International
  • Marriott International/Arizona
  • Marriott International/Northern Virginia
  • Marriott Miami Airport Complex
  • Marriott/Renaissance South Central
  • Maryland Office of Tourism
  • Massachusetts Sports Commission
  • MassMutual Center
  • Maui Visitors Bureau
  • MCO Express & Contempo Vacation Homes
  • Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
  • Memphis CVB
  • Meristar Hotels
  • Meristar Hotels & Resorts Texas
  • Mesa CVB
  • Miami-Dade Sports Commission
  • Microtel Inn & Suites
  • Midland CVB
  • Midwest Trophy Company
  • Millennium Hotels & Resorts
  • Minneapolis Metro North CVB Missoula CVB
  • Mississippi Development Authority
  • Mississippi Tourism
  • Missouri Division of Tourism
  • Mobile Bay CVB/SMG
  • Monroe County Sports Development Corp
  • Monroe-West Monroe CVB
  • MSBN
  • Musty Putters
  • Myrtle Beach Area CVB
  • Myrtle Beach Convention Center
  • Naperville CVB
  • NASC
  • Nashville CVB
  • Nashville Marriott
  • National 4-H Youth Conference Center
  • National Council of Youth Sports
  • National Football League
  • National Hockey League
  • National Trade Center
  • National Travel Systems
  • NCAA
  • Nebraska Sports Commission
  • New Mexico Sports Authority
  • New Orleans Arena
  • New Orleans Metro CVB
  • New Orleans Northshore CVB
  • Newport News Tourism Development Office
  • Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation
  • Norfolk CVB
  • North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad CVB
  • North Texas
  • Northern Kentucky CVB
  • Oakland CVB
  • Oasis Resort
  • Ocean Center
  • Ocean Hospitalities, Inc.
  • Ogden CVB
  • Ohio University
  • Oklahoma City CVB
  • Opticon Sports Plex
  • Orlando Marriott
  • Orlando Marriott Downtown
  • Overland Park CVB
  • OverTime Magazine
  • Oxnard CVB
  • Pacific Hospitality Group
  • Palm Beach County Sports Commission
  • Palm Springs Desert Resorts CVA
  • Park City CVB
  • Peoria Area CVB
  • Peoria Civic Center/SMG
  • Peppermill Hotel & Casino
  • Pheasant Run Resort
  • Philadelphia Sports Congress
  • Placer Valley Tourism
  • Planet Hollywood International, Inc.
  • Plano CVB
  • Play Kansas
  • Pocatello CVB
  • Prime Hospitality Corp.
  • Prism Hotels
  • Professional Marketing Services, Inc.
  • Providence Warwick CVB
  • Puerto Rico Convention Bureau
  • Puerto Rico Tourism Company
  • Pulaski County Tourism
  • Quad Cities Sports Commission
  • Quality Inn City Center
  • Radisson
  • Radisson Barcelo Hotel Orlando
  • Radisson Hotel/New Orleans
  • Radisson Mart Plaza Hotel
  • Radisson Miami
  • Radisson Plaza Hotel Orlando
  • Radisson Resort Parkway
  • Radisson Worldgate Resort
  • Ramada Eastgate Fountain Park
  • Ramada Hotels
  • Rapid City CVB
  • Reading & Berks CVB
  • Ready-Set-Go Pennsylvania Sports
  • Red Roof Inn
  • Renaissance Parc 55
  • Reno Tahoe CVA
  • Rhode Island CVBs
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience
  • Richmond Metropolitan CVB
  • Rio Rancho CVB
  • Riverside Convention Bureau
  • Riviera Hotel & Casino
  • Rochester CVB
  • Rock Hill/York County CVB
  • Rockford Area CVB
  • Round Rock CVB
  • Sacramento CVB
  • Saginaw County CVB
  • Saint Paul CVB
  • Saint Paul Sports Council
  • Salem CVA
  • Salt Lake CVB
  • Salt Lake Marriott City Center Samsonite
  • Salt Palace Convention Center/SMG
  • San Antonio CVB
  • San Bernardino CVB
  • San Bernardino Youth Sports
  • San Diego CVB
  • San Diego International Sports Council
  • San Jose CVB
  • San Mateo County CVB
  • Santa Clara CVB
  • Santa Rosa CVB
  • Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Sarasota, FL CVB
  • SCA Promotions
  • Scottsdale CVB
  • Seattle Sports Commission
  • Seminole County CVB
  • Sheraton Hotel/Birmingham
  • Sheraton Mesa Hotel & Convention Center
  • Sheraton Miami Mart Hotel
  • Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel
  • Sheraton Safari
  • Sheraton San Jose
  • Sheraton Studio City Hotel
  • Sheraton Yankee Trader/Clipper
  • Shilo Inn Salt Lake City
  • Short’s Travel Management
  • Show Me Missouri Sports
  • Sioux Falls CVB
  • Six Continents Hotels
  • SMG
  • SMG Convention Centers
  • Snohomish County Sports Commission
  • Sofitel
  • Sofitel – Houston
  • South Bend Regional Sports Commission
  • South Bend/Mishawaka CVB
  • South Carolina Sports Development Office
  • South Padre Island CVB
  • South Shore Sports Promotions
  • Southwest LA/Lake Charles CVB
  • Southwest Ohio Sports Zone
  • Spokane Regional CVB
  • Sport80
  • Sports Business Daily
  • Sports Business Journal
  • Sports Illinois
  • Sports North Carolina
  • Sports Super Centre
  • Sports Travel Resource Inc
  • Sports Wisconsin
  • Sportscast Network
  • SportsPilot Inc.
  • SportsTravel
  • SportsTravel Magazine
  • Sports Virginia
  • Sports Wisconsin
  • Springfield, MO CVB & Sports Commission
  • St. Charles CVB
  • St. Cloud Area CVB
  • St. George CVB
  • St. Joseph MO CVB
  • St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission
  • St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area CVB
  • St. Petersburg/Clearwater CVB
  • St. Tammany Parish Tourist & Convention Commission
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Station Casinos
  • Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association
  • Student and Youth Association of North America
  • Studio Movie Grill
  • Sunstone Hotels
  • Susse Chalet Inns
  • SWLA/Lake Charles CVB
  • Tampa Bay CVB
  • Tampa Bay Sports Commission
  • Team Canada
  • Team Iowa
  • Team IP Events, LLC
  • Tempe CVB
  • Texaco Havoline
  • TFCN
  • THS Company
  • TMR Xchange
  • Tollman Hundley Hotels
  • Topeka Sports Commission
  • Tourism Toronto
  • Tourism Whistler
  • Town & Country Resort
  • Trailways Transportation System
  • Travel ES
  • Traveling Teams
  • Tri-Valley CVB
  • TRS
  • Tucson CVB
  • Tulsa Sports Commission
  • UC Davis – Campus Events & Visitor Services
  • Utah Athletic Foundation
  • Utah County CVB
  • Utah Sports Commission
  • Utah Valley CVB
  • VA of Lane County, Oregon
  • Vacation Services of Central Florida
  • Vail Resorts
  • Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau
  • Valdosta Lowndes Co. Tourism Authority
  • Vallejo CVB
  • Valley Forge CVB
  • Vancouver CVB
  • Vermont Convention Bureau
  • Vermont Sports & Events Council
  • Virginia Beach Sports Marketing
  • Vision Art
  • Vision International
  • Visit Charlotte
  • Visit Florida
  • Visit Minneapolis North
  • Visitor Information Services
  • Warren County CVB
  • Washington County TCB/St. George
  • Washington, D.C., 2012
  • Washington, D.C., CVA
  • Webb Audio Visual
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Western States Ticket Service
  • Westgate Resorts
  • Westin Chicago Northshore
  • Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa
  • Westin Houston & Dallas
  • Westin St. Louis
  • Westmont Hospitality Group
  • Whispering Woods Hotel & Conference Center
  • Winegardner & Hammons, Inc.
  • Winstead Sechrest & Minick
  • Winston-Salem CVB
  • Wisconsin Sports Development
  • Women in Sports/Nepal
  • Woodfield Suites
  • Worcester County CVB
  • WorldTek Travel
  • Wyndham Greenpoint Hotel
  • Wyndham Hotel Group
  • Wyndham Orlando Resort
  • Wyntrac
  • Wyoming Destinations
  • York County CVB
  • York County CVB & Sports Commission
  • Youth Sports Alliance
  • Zenith Group



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