Canada's Centers of Excellence

A look at the leading verticals, innovators and venues throughout Canada

Canada's economic strengths in key industries make it an ideal destination for executives and conference organizers of corporate events of all sizes.

The world looks to Vancouver as its CleanTech expert; Toronto for life sciences; and Montréal for artificial intelligence. These are just some of the hubs of excellence centered Canada. Groups in aerospace, advanced manufacturing, agriculture and beyond can find a Canadian destination skillfully tied to their market.

Here, we spotlight Canada's variety of market expertise, thought leaders and sponsorship opportunities throughout the meetings and incentives industries.
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Canada Offers Innovative Resources for Life Sciences Meetings

Leading-edge research in gene therapy and genomics helps pioneer treatments for disease while attracting top-tier international business events.

Canada Offers Innovative Resources for Life Sciences Meetings

For additional sector knowledge, inspiration or assistance with site inspections and partners, event planners should always reach out to Destination Canada Business Events.